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Dax  Bees Wax 14 oz
• Special formula of Royal Jelly and Pure Beeswax
• Softens and soothes for natural shiny hair
• Great for braiding, dreadlocks, twists, locs and sealing ends



  • Beeswax — - Has been known to add volume to hair and help make it stronger and thicker. Beeswax also provides improved control and texture to hair to aid in styling. Beeswax adds shine and gloss to hair and also offers extra protection to prevent split ends. The wax’s coating benefits and antioxidants help protect hair from harm and damage created from everyday styling and environmental factors.
  • Safflower Oil — Helps nourish and hydrate hair for healthy hair growth.
  • Mineral Oil — Helps minimize frizz and enhance curl. Adds shine.
  • Royal Jelly Extract — Contains vitamins and minerals to help nourish hair.

DAX Bees Wax 14oz

    • Massage desired amount of wax into scalp and hair daily. Apply to braid-ends and dreadlocks to prevent breakage.
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