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For Hair and Body
Promotes healthy growth and softens.

Serenity Organic Black Castor Oil 4 oz

  • BENEFITS:  Serenity Black Castor Oil contains vitamins and fatty acids which are essential for growing strong and healthy hair.  The nutrients in Castor Oil penetrate deep, nourish the hair roots and encourage hair growth.  Castor Oil has scalp rejuvenating functions it can help stimulate the growth of hair.  Castor Oil is excellent for treating dry, damaged, over processed and thinning hair.

    INGREDIENTS:  Pure Black Castor Oil and Essential Oils.

    USE:  For DAILY USE apply a generous amout of Serenity Black Castor Oil to hair, scalp and body.  Massage gently.  Do not rinse out.


    Section your hair into parts.Massage hair with Serenity Castor Oil.Cover head with a shower cap for 2 hours.Rinse thoroughly.For best results repeat two times a week.


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