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Organic Beard Oil

100% Pure Organic

Moisturize, Condition and Shine



Serenity Organic Beard Oil 4 oz

  • BENEFITS:  Serenity Organic Beard Oil provide intense nourishment to men's facial hair.

    • Fills in sparse and patchy areas in the beard or mustache.
    • Adds shine and luster to facial hair.
    • Growth a thicker and softer beard and mustache.
    • Eliminates beard itch and flaky skin.
    • Penetrates deeply into the hair and skin.

    INGREDIENTS:  Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Coconut Oil.

    USE:  Apply the required amount (2 to 3 drops) of Serenity Beard Oil into palm. Rub both palms together, and work evenly through beard.
    For external use only. Stop using if any sign of an allergic reaction


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